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"Look Who's Here Now"

There's a unique feeling that comes when you stand in a place with history. There's something empowering about knowing you're in the same place as something that changed the world.

The campaign would start with a little research: talking to famous athletes to learn where they trained during pivotal moments of their lives and careers.


Nike would then rent spaces along those trails to create pop-up shops and mark the athletes' paths with footprints that tell the history of what happened there.

Not only does the campaign help citygoers connect to their local history, but also inspire them, knowing that they walk the same ground as these sports legends.

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MJ PathFINAL.png
JJK Footprint_Trpnt2.png

Pop-up Nike Shop in Michael Jordan's Hometown of Wilmington, NC

These pop up shops would feature a clock on the outside, encouraging runners to track their times and see how they stack up against the pros.

Each shop would also hone in on the city's local pride, sell limited edition Nike gear themed after that city and athlete. That way, visitors can have something to remind them of who was there before, and who's there now.

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