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Crown of Qemvir

I'm making a card game!

Crown of Qemvir is a card-based battle royale where players find ancient weapons, cast powerful spells, and fight to be the last hero standing.


I created the rules this summer and have since been designing the cards. I generated the character artworks in Midjourney and then edited them to match the more minimalistic design scheme with Photoshop and Illustrator.

If you like games, you can download the rules, print the prototype cards, and playtest it yourself!

Progress Tracker: 

  • Playtest: 90%

  • Art: 50%

  • Design: 70%

Card Designs

Still In Progress

The game takes place in the fantasy world of Qemvir, which I designed for (NERD ALERT) an 18-month Dungeons & Dragons campaign. More details about Qemvir will be added to the final version of the rulebook, but in the meantime you can listen to the first episode of our D&D Actual Play Podcast here:


Map of Qemvir

Character Art, made in Midjourney:

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