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There are 13 million children in the US that don't have enough access to food. Coincidentally, a 2022 study revealed that 13 million people in the US play soccer outside each year.

To help in the ongoing battle against child hunger, KFC is going to unite soccer fans under the banner of one team: Kentucky FC.

("FC" is a common suffix for soccer teams, meaning Football Club.)

Fighting Child Hunger with Soccer

Introducing: Kentucky FC!


Soccer players at every level (from rec league to professional) are invited to "join" Kentucky FC, and for each person who joins, KFC will donate a plate of food to children in need.

Joining Kentucky FC is simple. All players need to do is:

  1. Write KFC on the jersey of their soccer team

  2. Snap a photo

  3. Post it to their social media with #JoinKentuckyFC

And just like that, these six players have helped feed six children in need!

KFC will also partner with famous soccer players to help promote the campaign and raise awareness and funding for ending child hunger.


For example, Marcus Rashford has been a notable proponent of FareShare, a charity focused on fighting hunger.

To further awareness, KFC will also sponsor charity matches between teams, where all profits will be donated.

Billboards like these will give a live count of how many people have "joined" Kentucky FC by submitting their photo.


The score will start at 0 to 13 million, and for each participation, Kentucky FC will go up by one and Child Hunger will go down.

Copywriter + Soccer Aficionado: Isaac Ferre

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