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The One Place Where You Can Master All Trades

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(Song Lyrics)

I see that look in your eye.

I hear the stories you tell.

Let your heart beat ever faster,

Tell your secrets to me,

And I'll know exactly who you are.

You're a psychopath.

You're probably a psychopath.

That crooked smile, that charming ruse,

You always speak in absolutes.

Your past can't lie, but you still try.

I'm basically in the FBI.

I've caught myself a Psychopath!


Songwriting, FBI Profiling.

With MasterClass, you can learn them both, and more.

MasterClass — Master All Trades.

Art Directors: Parker McDermott & Riley Rawson

Copywriter: Danny White

DP: Brayden Fielding

Images created using Midjourney and Adobe Photoshop

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