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Reimagining Art

I buy old paintings from thrift shops and reimagine them!

There's something wonderful about taking old things and breathing new life into them. In elementary school, I remember cutting up old 2-liter bottles into flowers and stapling milk cartons into a life-sized igloo. Thrift shops often have old paintings that are nice (and many that aren't), but have been been abandoned for one reason or another.

So, I like to give them a second chance! 

Take this beautiful painting of Venice for example! It's about 4 feet wide, so it could be a real focal piece on a wall. When I bought it, though, its edges were torn where the canvas was stapled to the frame and there was a thin layer of brown grime speckled across the piece.


Landscapes and still life paintings are nice, but I think art is much more interesting when it tells a story! 

This beautiful painting of Venice reminded me of a recent movie about my favorite superhero...

Next, I couldn't help but wonder what this woman was looking at. Is she waiting for someone?


Part of what I love about this new hobby is trying to analyze and replicate the style of the original piece. How did I do with this delivery guy?



I thought this mountain town looked like a lovely stop, but I knew I could add a little magic somehow.

Current Painting:



I bought this one, because I could tell there was potential, but it took me a while to figure out what to do with it.

Eventually, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to everyone's favorite Airbender at the Northern Air Temple.

Current Progress

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