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Boredom leads to impulsiveness, and impulsiveness leads to regrets. It sounds crazy, but it's been scientifically demonstrated that humans would rather experience physical pain than boredom. 


In this campaign, we wanted to show how Paqui chips' natural flavor and intense spice will help save you from poor decisions. All you have to do is:

Print/Outdoor Ads


Interactive Digital Ads


Interactive Outdoor

We place electric shock buttons at high traffic areas where people get bored—bus stops, airports, even the DMV. Curious onlookers put the button's claims to the test and press it, receiving an unpleasant, yet harmless electric shock.


And those doldrum-dwelling button-pushers are exactly the people who could use a bag of Paqui chips to burn away the monotony of life.

So, after they shock themselves, the machine will print them out a coupon for 30% off a bag of Paqui chips.

Art Direction: Parker McDermott, Reagan Sweat

Copywriting: Isaac Ferre

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